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Dear Affiliate Marketer or Webmaster,
If you've ever met a human... then you've met someone who is interested in SEX.

Dear Affiliate Marketer or Webmaster,
If you ever met a human... then you've met someone who is interested in SEX.

There are people who love to talk about it openly and there are people who are extremely private about their sexuality, but because of a little something that's been around for a very, very long time (called Evolution), it turns out that along with a strong desire to avoid dying, everyone wants more and better sex.

Whether you do PPC, own a website, are a power blogger, write a newsletter, or are the leader of a social media tribe... everyone is interested in the subject of SEX, and your audience will LOVE receiving our free reports, downloads, and our free email newsletter, "The Allman Report."

Our affiliates not only enjoy industry leading conversions (we are ALWAYS testing and improving conversions), but also enjoy the good-will generated when you introduce one of your readers to something high quality, fun, informative, and useful.

We regularly receive raving testimonials that verge on hysteria citing everything from "We are having the best sex of our lives" to "Revolutionary Sex saved my marriage!"

In other words, your extra income stream is also providing real value and results for real humans in the real world.

Affiliate Program Benefits:

  • 70% MINIMUM commissions on all of our products for men, women, and couples
  • We use CLICKBANK, so you know your leads will be properly tracked and credited to YOU, and you will ALWAYS get paid on time!
  • We pay full commissions on ALL UPSELLS
  • We use a custom system so that all our products are in one Clickbank Account... This means if one of your referrals buys any of our other products or programs from any of our other sites down the line, YOU still get credit and you still get PAID
  • High conversions
  • Free to join
  • Paid twice monthly by check or direct deposit
  • Real-time statistical reporting
  • Unlimited affiliate support
  • Largest target market - EVERYONE is interested in sex
  • A full suite of high-converting promotional tools
  • Contests and product launches with great affiliate cash and prizes

IMPORTANT: In order to promote Revolutionary Sex products and programs, you must first sign up for an account with CLICKBANK

To Your Success,